Our Story

Merging truth and technology to transform lives, churches and schools.

We specialize in transformational technology!

In a world where there are 7,000,000,000 mobile devices, where Americans spent 121,000,000,000 minutes liking, posting, tweeting or otherwise engaged with social media during July 2013 alone, where every minute 48  hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube, we recognize that the audience for the Gospel has moved and we must engage them where they live!
Our transformational technology is delivered in three ways:
  • Reach the lost
  • Plant new ministries
  • Train leaders for their work
Reach the lost or Evangelism
30 second spots – remember the opening spot – for the past 10 years in Ecuador between 150 – 175 people respond to their messages and are introduced to Jesus each week.
Doors have opened for networks around the Spanish speaking world starting in Peru with Light 4 Lima, in 2015  we are training leaders to respond to the calls and engage callers/internet users and others in making the introduction to Jesus and a local church.
Plant new ventures – MergeLane Media – empowers church planting and church planters in remote areas of Latin America, Siberia and beyond using mobile media tools.  Generous offerings from so many have enabled us to connect daughter church plants in remote areas of Siberia using satellite technology. These new pastors who had only received 3 months of Bible training are now being empowered through being connected to their mother church and are growing.  They in turn are planting additional churches.
Train new leaders –  online education platforms – We are leading the development of a training system Missionary Formation and Orientation (MFO)for new missionaries to better equip them as they prepare to respond to the call to missions. Partnering with Arkeo we will reduce the costs of training, provide more ön time”delivery of training resources and better equip the missionaries we are being called to serve.
The Caribbean School of Theology, (CST) has partnered with us to train leaders on more than 50 islands in the caribbean. CSTclassrooms – is giving those who can’t come to school the ablity to attend virtual classrooms and be prepared for ministry. We are also working with 1317 bible schools in the development of “plan Basico” or basic bible training for all the Spanish speaking world.  Our goal is to reach the unreached and deliver the Gospel to the most remote areas of our world.
Our method is mobile delivery of the Good News – it is said “a cell phone in every hand = a borderless witness to our entire world!”
Thank you for delivering transformational technology with Mergelane Media – where merging truth and technology transforms lives for eternity!